Inclusive growth

We aim to achieve economic growth in Scotland that is inclusive. This means growth that combines increased prosperity with greater equality, creates opportunities for all, and distributes the benefits of increased prosperity fairly.

Our key actions for achieving inclusive growth are outlined below.

Promoting fair work and good-quality jobs

We aim to create the right environment for more inclusive employment opportunities to flourish. Through supporting investment, innovation, internationalisation and fairer work, we are encouraging competitiveness and more responsible business behaviour.

Scotland's Labour Market Strategy sets out our vision for a strong labour market that drives inclusive and sustainable economic growth, characterised by:

  • growing and competitive businesses
  • high employment
  • a skilled population capable of meeting employers' needs
  • fair work being central to improving the lives of individuals and their families

We aim to develop a culture of fair work in Scotland, in which employees feel valued and fulfilled, and jobs are secure and well-paid. The Fair Work Framework sets out how this can be achieved.

We are encouraging employers to adopt fair work practices, such as paying the real Living Wage, by making a commitment to the Scottish Business Pledge. As of October 2020 nearly 750 businesses have signed up.

Promoting equality and tackling inequality

One of our top priorities is to make Scotland more equal and socially just. We are promoting equality in the workplace and tackling inequality in the labour market so that everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Our Economic Strategy sets out how we are:

  • maximising opportunities for women and families through actions such as increasing the availability of free childcare and encouraging employers to give equal pay and offer flexible working
  • supporting carers to balance their caring responsibilities with employment opportunities
  • reducing inequalities in wealth and health so that no-one is held back from finding fulfilling employment

Our Equality and rights topic provides more information about how we are addressing inequality in all areas of life.

Closing the attainment gap

An individual's socioeconomic background can have a significant impact on their ability to attain higher levels of education.

We are closing the attainment gap by ensuring that all children get the best possible start in life. Through the Attainment Scotland Fund we are investing more than £100 million over four years to drive forward improvements on educational outcomes in Scotland's most disadvantaged communities.

The pages below contain more information about our policies on:

Place and regional cohesion

Our Economic Strategy considers the dynamics of Scotland's cities, wider regions and rural areas to ensure that success and opportunity is shared across the whole of Scotland.

We are assessing our progress in achieving this by developing new measures and processes to record performance at a regional and local level.

Our National Planning Framework will continue to help create high-quality, diverse and sustainable places that promote wellbeing and attract investment.

Our Agenda for Cities sets out how we are ensuring that Scotland's cities are powering Scotland's economy for the benefit of all.