Technology standards and assurance

We have created a number of standards and assurance procedures to help public sector organisations comply with legislation and best practice as they transform and develop their digital practices.

Standards and guidance

The Digital First Service Standard was created to help organisations meet the minimum standard required when transforming their citizen-facing services.

The Open Data Strategy and Open Data Resource Pack support public sector organisations in making their non-personal data accessible.

Our Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy sets out our vision for Scotland's public sector data hosting to be cost-effective, carbon-neutral and, where appropriate, cloud-based.

We offer additional guidance for organisations on cloud computing, virtualisation and colocation.

Our Green Digital Strategy provides guidance to help organisations achieve a cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient digital network. We have also provided a Green ICT Maturity Model workbook which can be used by public sector organisations to assess effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions.

Technology assurance framework

The Technology Assurance Framework applies to central government organisations in Scotland (excluding health bodies). It supports senior responsible owners and accountable officers in assuring the delivery of projects and programmes involving investment in technology. The framework was updated in 2017 to a system that is mandatory in the central government sector for online public services.

Contact: for more information about applying the technology assurance framework within your project.