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  1. policy


    Policy on improving Scotland's school education system.

  2. policy

    Science and research

    We are supporting science and research to create a more educated, inclusive and innovative Scotland.

  3. policy


    Our work to stub out smoking.

  4. policy

    Social housing

    We support social landlords to provide affordable accommodation, allocated according to need.

  5. policy

    Social security

    We are creating a social security system in Scotland based on dignity, fairness and respect.

  6. policy

    Supporting business

    How we are supporting Scotland's SMEs and making Scotland one of the best places to do business.

  7. policy

    Sustainable performance

    Actions we are taking as a government to ensure we are operating in a sustainable way and reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

  8. policy


    Information on the taxes paid in Scotland.

  9. policy

    Third sector

    How we support charities, voluntary groups and other third sector bodies.

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    Tourism and events

    What we are doing to support Scotland's tourism and events industry.