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  1. Marine licensing and consent

    How we manage licensing and consenting requirements for the marine environment.

  2. Marine planning

    Information about our work relating to the management of marine resources.

  3. Marine renewable energy

    What we are doing to create a successful offshore and marine renewable energy industry.

  4. Maternal and child health

    How we are supporting families to stay healthy.

  5. Mental health

    What we are doing to improve mental health.

  6. More homes

    Ensuring suitable affordable housing meets the needs of Scotland's population.

  7. Nuclear energy

    Our policies on nuclear energy and radioactive waste.

  8. Oil and gas

    Actions we are taking in relation to Scotland's oil and gas sector.

  9. Physical activity and sport

    We are increasing people's involvement in physical activity and sport.

  10. Planning and architecture

    We operate Scotland's planning system.

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