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  1. Human trafficking

    Our policy on human trafficking in Scotland.

  2. Illnesses and long-term conditions

    What we are doing about illnesses and long-term conditions.

  3. Improving public services

    We are reforming our public services to ensure they are inclusive, sustainable, and improve outcomes for the people of Scotland.

  4. Independent living

    Helping older and disabled people to live as independently as possible.

  5. Inshore fisheries and coastal communities

    Information about how we manage Scotland's inshore waters.

  6. International development

    How we are contributing towards sustainable development and the fight against poverty, injustice and inequality in our partner countries.

  7. International relations

    How we are strengthening our international reputation and our relationships with other countries.

  8. International trade and investment

    How we are supporting international trade and investment in Scotland.

  9. Investment finance

    How we are supporting access to investment finance.

  10. LGBTI and gender recognition

    Policy on ensuring equality for Scotland's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex citizens and communities.

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