Updated COVID-19 protection levels

East Lothian to move down a level but Midlothian remains in Level 3.

Success in suppressing coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in East Lothian will see the local authority move down a protection level tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6am. However, an increase in positive cases will leave Midlothian in Level 3.

Last week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon indicated that both local authorities could see an easing in protection levels tomorrow “assuming no significant deterioration before then”.

The First Minister said:

“I know this will be disappointing for people in Midlothian, however, it is better than moving down a level only to possibly have to move back up again in a week’s time.

“We were clear that moving Midlothian to Level 2 was dependent on current positive trends in this area continuing. But unfortunately, over the last week we have seen an increase in case numbers and test positivity rates in Midlothian.

“We will continue to monitor the position in Midlothian and work together with the Council on its plans for ensuring that a move down is sustainable when the time is right.”


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