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  1. Quarantine measures for travellers from Liechtenstein

    Canary Islands, Denmark, the Maldives and Mykonos added to exempt list.

  2. Quarantine measures reinstated for further destinations

    Travellers arriving from Italy, San Marino and Vatican City State must self-isolate from Sunday.

  3. Quarantine rules change for five countries

    Update to foreign travel public health requirements.

  4. Travel to North West of England

    Increase in COVID-19 cases means travel should be avoided.

  5. Quarantine rules imposed on travellers from Luxembourg

    Increase in coronavirus cases sees quarantine requirements.

  6. Ambitious plans to transform Scottish rail network unveiled

    Commitment to decarbonise passenger rail services by 2035

  7. Travellers from Spain to face quarantine rules

    Significant increase in coronavirus cases in Spain sees decision overturned.

  8. Quarantine rules lifted for five countries

    Public health measures lifted for more travellers.

  9. Quarantine rules lifted for Spain

    Travellers arriving from mainland and islands exempt from quarantine requirements.

  10. Quarantine rule ends for travellers arriving from lower risk countries and territories

    Public health measure lifted for some overseas travellers arriving in Scotland.

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