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  1. Self-isolation for all travellers returning from France

    Decision taken to protect public health in Scotland.

  2. Balearic Islands removed from travel green list

    Changes take effect from 19 July following latest review.

  3. Blackburn travel restrictions lifted

    Latest review removes journey ban.

  4. Manchester, Salford and Bolton travel restrictions lifted

    Rules will remain in place on areas with high Delta variant cases.

  5. Expanded travel green list for Scotland

    Key destinations added following latest review.

  6. Rise in Delta variant cases leads to Manchester travel restriction

    Step taken to protect public health in Scotland.

  7. Portugal placed on amber travel list

    Change made following concerns over spread of Delta variant.

  8. COVID-19 vaccination status scheme launches

    Measure will provide confirmation of vaccination when required for foreign travel.

  9. India placed on red list of travel countries

    Action taken after new variant spike in cases.

  10. Foreign travel rules updated

    More countries designated as high risk.

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