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  1. Negative test added to certification

    Further flexibility for entrance to venues under the certification scheme.

  2. Pre-departure test requirement for travel

    Nigeria also added to red list to control omicron spread.

  3. Omicron variant

    First cases identified in Scotland.

  4. Recovery from Storm Arwen

    Support targeted at most vulnerable.

  5. Tackling the threat of new COVID-19 variant

    People urged to redouble their efforts.

  6. Red, Amber and Yellow weather warnings in place

    Public in affected areas advised not to travel.

  7. Self-isolation for all travellers returning from six African countries

    Decision taken to protect public health in Scotland in light of emerging variant.

  8. Vaccine trials

    Move to resolve international travel problems through additional vaccinations.

  9. Free bus travel for under 22s

    61% of young people say public transport central to combatting climate emergency.

  10. Scotland’s Covid Certificates Accepted by the EU

    Scots must update certification status before travelling abroad.  

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