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  1. Challenging negotiations for fisheries

    Positive outcome secured for West of Scotland cod and whiting.

  2. Fisheries Bill

    Scotland must have say in determining quota and effort limits.

  3. Scottish Crown Estate

    Landmark legislation passed.

  4. Scottish fish farm production survey 2017

    Statistical news release

  5. Investment in inshore fishing

    £1.5 million to enhance vessel monitoring and reporting.

  6. Scottish sea fisheries statistics 2017

  7. Trials for inshore fisheries measures

    Pilots for new fisheries management arrangements.

  8. EU markets access ‘essential’

    Research shows Brexit could be harmful to seafood industries’ trade.

  9. Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2017

    Publication of official statistics. 

  10. Support for coastal communities

    Fishing vessels and processing businesses to benefit from £6.9 million funding.

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