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  1. Aquaculture vital for coastal communities

    Report highlights importance of skilled workforce to future of sector.

  2. Ferguson ferries update

    Amended timescale due to lockdown.

  3. Scotland frozen out of maritime security discussions

    Justice Secretary expresses deep concerns that Scotland has been excluded from Brexit Ministerial talks.

  4. Support for coastal communities

    £9.7 million of Scottish Crown Estate revenue to be distributed. 

  5. Support for seafood industry

    More than £5 million provided to processors.

  6. Additional quota for inshore fishing

    Up to £2 million of potential new opportunities to help fleet. 

  7. Seafood sector investment

    Funding to help aquaculture businesses affected by COVID-19.

  8. Support for Scottish seafood industry worth £22.5 million

    More than 1,000 businesses now eligible for help.

  9. Support for aquaculture

    Shellfish growers and trout farmers share £3 million

  10. Supporting the seafood sector

    £10 million assistance for processing businesses during COVID-19 pressures.

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