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  1. Brexit deal means drop in key fishing stocks

    Scotland’s fishing sector adversely impacted by exit agreement.

  2. Response to agreement to reopen French border

    Call to prioritise perishable goods hauliers.

  3. The future of Scotland’s fisheries

    New strategy to promote sustainability.

  4. Safeguarding Scotland’s marine environment

    New sites to offer protection for iconic species. 

  5. Supporting the Langoustine sector

    £1 million assistance for new group.

  6. Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  7. Scotland's Marine Economic Statistics 2018

    An experimental statistics publication by the Scottish Government.

  8. Protecting Scotland’s marine environment

    New deep sea Marine Protected Area to be established.

  9. Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2019

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  10. Wider economic impacts of aquaculture

    New report published.

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