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  1. New species of soft coral discovered in Scottish waters

    Find underlines importance of biodiversity.

  2. Cleaning up Scotland's waters

    Views sought on Marine Litter Strategy

  3. Wild salmon tracking project

    Initiative seeks to revive fortunes of iconic species.

  4. Supporting Rural Scotland

    Range of funding to deliver sustainable communities and protect the environment.

  5. Support for fishing businesses and coastal communities

    More than £3 million awarded

  6. Blue Carbon International Policy Challenge

    International collaborations to support our seas and oceans.

  7. New funding to boost innovative seaweed business

    Funding of £600,000 further supports the sustainable development of Scotland’s Blue Economy.

  8. Funding to tackle marine litter

    Project sees fishers remove debris from the ocean

  9. New funding adds to range of salmon conservation measures

    Scottish Government Responds to Salmon Interactions Working Group Report

  10. Conserving wild salmon

    More than £500,000 to study the pressures faced from pollution and climate change.

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