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  1. Funding for seafood sector

    Jobs to be created through investment. 

  2. Fisheries talks conclude

    EU/Norway deal brings some success.

  3. Convention of the Highlands and Islands

    Proposals for Aquaculture Innovation Sites outlined.

  4. Fish landings increase

    Quantity and value increase again.

  5. Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2016

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  6. Call for marine funding certainty

    Scottish Government seeks answers on future fisheries and aquaculture investment.

  7. Funding our maritime heritage

    Culture Secretary announces £500,000 for historic fishing vessel.

  8. Regenerating coastal communities

    £4.3 million to improve access and facilities.

  9. Fisheries stocks on the rise

    Publication of scientific advice.

  10. Scottish aquaculture thriving

    Strengthening the sustainability of the industry.

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