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  1. Teacher training

    Bursary scheme to continue.

  2. 93.3% of school leavers in positive destinations

    Proportion of pupils in Higher or Further Education at record high.

  3. School leaver attainment and destinations

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  4. Support for international students

    Rules relaxed to help those needing financial support.

  5. Remote learning to continue for majority

    Youngest pupils return to classroom.

  6. Financial help for families in need

    More than £14 million awarded to low income households.

  7. Increased support for childminders

    Payments will support business sustainability.

  8. Focus on completing courses

    Group meets to consider ways to support students.

  9. Back to school

    Phased return for some pupils.

  10. Physical and emotional welfare of children

    COVID support for teachers.

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