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  1. Funding for libraries to re-open

    £1.25 million funding for vital community resource.

  2. A Fairer, Greener Scotland

    Programme for Government 2021-22.

  3. Modernising school buildings

    Statistics show impact of investment.

  4. School Estates Statistics

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  5. School flu vaccinations get underway

    Free vaccine extended to secondary school pupils

  6. National qualifications and assessments

    Views of renowned academic published.

  7. Embedding race equality in schools

    Anti-racism support for staff.

  8. Extra funding for teachers to continue

    £80m pandemic recovery fund made permanent. 

  9. National qualifications 2022

    Exams will take place next year if safe to do so.

  10. Devices for 700,000 children

    Tackling digital inequality.

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