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  1. Exams on track

    Contingency measures and support in place.

  2. Record number of students from deprived areas at university

    Overall record enrolments at Scottish institutions.

  3. New app to access free period products

    PickupMyPeriod connects to hundreds of venues across Scotland.

  4. Large outdoor events resume from 17 January

    Measures covering indoor events and hospitality to be reviewed in one week.

  5. Returning to school safely

    Asymptomatic testing to reduce COVID-19 risks.

  6. Keeping schools safe

    Updated COVID-19 guidance.

  7. Investing in education recovery

    Support for schools, colleges and universities.

  8. Closing the attainment gap

    £200 million to help children and young people impacted by poverty.

  9. Reforming qualifications and assessment

    New national qualifications to be developed.

  10. COVID-19 safety in schools

    Mitigations to be extended.

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