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  1. Erasmus+ exchange programme

    Joint statement confirms work will continue to secure the benefits of programme.

  2. Support for childminders

    Funding announced to support business sustainability.

  3. Schools funding

    More teachers, digital devices and support for families.

  4. Remote learning for schools

    Guidance for teachers and families published.

  5. College and university returns postponed

    Changes reflect current status of coronavirus, reality of new strain, and rise in cases in recent weeks.

  6. Erasmus loss ‘a huge blow’

    Concern over alternative scheme.

  7. Financial support for students

    Extra £5 million to help those facing hardship.

  8. Support for outdoor play and learning

    New £1 million children’s winter clothing fund.

  9. Schools guidance

    Updated measures for pupils and staff.

  10. Schools upgrade

    £800m investment in learning facilities.

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