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  1. Social care amongst several roles that must be on Shortage Occupation List

    One in ten social care workers are migrants making a vital contribution.

  2. VJ Day 75th Anniversary

    Public commemorations to be held online.

  3. Parliament briefed on risks from a UK Internal Market

    Constitution Secretary calls UK White Paper “disastrous for devolution”.

  4. Parliament asked to back European Union Continuity Bill

    Powers to ‘keep pace’ with EU law in devolved policy areas.

  5. Brexit transition

    First Minister writes to Prime Minister.

  6. Parliamentary and local election terms extended

    Votes to be held every five years in line with other UK legislatures.

  7. EU future relationship

    Brexit extension essential to protect Scottish jobs.

  8. Covid funding plea

    UK Government urged to provide clarity on consequentials.

  9. Scotland’s role in trade deals

    UK Trade Bill fails to protect interests of Devolved Administrations.

  10. Brexit extension sought

    Michael Russell urges UK Government to avoid 'No Deal' as it publishes EU-UK legal text.

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