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  1. Physical proof of status should be offered to EU citizens

    Devolved governments call for additional safeguard.  

  2. Commitment to future Citizens’ Assemblies

    Innovative model reflected in Programme for Government.

  3. Supporting migrant families

    Expert report proposes new measures.

  4. Population Taskforce tackles demographic challenge

    Cabinet Secretary to press for UK Government action.

  5. Next Step Towards Scottish Human Rights Bill

    Advisory board meets for first time to progress innovative proposals.

  6. A Fairer, Greener Scotland

    Programme for Government 2021-22.

  7. New Ministers to be appointed

    Scottish Greens to enter government.

  8. Agreement reached with Scottish Green Party

    Cooperation confirmed.

  9. Agreement with Scottish Green Party

    Shared programme agreed to build a greener, fairer, independent Scotland.

  10. Coronavirus Bill passed

    MSPs in favour of expiry and extension of measures.

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