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  1. Support for a Scottish Public Interest Journalism Institute

    New body to strengthen and sustain the sector.

  2. UK Government broadcasting plans 'hugely detrimental'

    Minister raises concern about impacts on creative industries.

  3. Investing in rural tourism

    £3.9 million to support visitor management

  4. Supporting Gaelic communities

    New working group to consider economic opportunities.

  5. A’ taiceadh choimhearsnachdan Gàidhlig

    Buidheann-gnìomha ùr gus meòrachadh chothroman eaconamach

  6. Further support for culture recovery

    Culture and events sectors to benefit from £16 million

  7. Support for Scotland’s international festivals

    Expo fund recipients announced.

  8. Scottish Government support for library projects

    Winning bids announced.

  9. Professional sport allocated £2.55 million of COVID support

    Football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball and horse racing benefit.

  10. Supporting the tourism sector

    £9 million to mitigate impacts of Omicron.

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