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  1. GDP Quarterly National Accounts for 2021 Quarter 4

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  2. Next steps to improve regulation of aquaculture

    Changes to licensing and Ministerial task group set up.

  3. Preparing for sustainable farming

    Helping to futureproof farms.

  4. Extension to Scotland’s Census

    Public encouraged to complete returns.

  5. New ‘stay at home’ guidance published

    Changes from 1 May.

  6. End of the Highest Risk List

    List to close on 31 May.

  7. Automatic awards to make accessing family benefits simpler

    Changes planned to make sure families get support they are entitled to.

  8. Climate change affecting Scotland’s lochs and reservoirs

    New research shows water is warming rapidly.

  9. Bird keepers urged to maintain scrupulous biosecurity standards as housing measures set to be lifted

    Stringent standards of biosecurity remain essential as the risk of avian influenza continues.

  10. Supporting unions with just transition

    Funding will support worker engagement.

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