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  1. Renewed focus needed on climate emergency

    Energy security drive must align with climate goals

  2. Safeguarding the food and drink sector

    Chancellor urged to avoid trade war.

  3. Support for fishing and coastal communities

    Investing in the Blue Economy.

  4. New National Parks for Scotland

    Public encouraged to take part in consultation.

  5. Parliamentary safeguards to be strengthened

    Recovery and Reform Bill passes first stage.

  6. Working together to fix cladding issues

    Single Building Assessment programme expanded.

  7. Victims’ consultation launches

    Putting people at the heart of the justice system.

  8. Early medical abortion at home

    Minister confirms current arrangements will continue.

  9. Hospital at Home

    £3.6 million to expand services.

  10. Missing ferries document located

    Transport Minister updates parliament. 

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