Tayside Breast Cancer Independent Advisory Group


This short-life working group was formed in April 2019 to advise the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on how recommendations made in two earlier reports on breast cancer management in NHS Tayside should be implemented. 

The two reports were:

Besides advising the CMO on the implementation of recommendations in the HIS report and the clinical risk assessment, Tayside Breast Cancer Independent Advisory Group made further recommendations aimed at rebuilding and maintaining public confidence in the safe and effective delivery of cancer medicines in the Northern Cancer Alliance (NCA), with a particular focus on:

  • current cancer medicines governance processes in the NCA, including the development of Cancer Management Guidelines (CMGs), and the processes for achieving clinical consensus in this context across the network
  • escalation procedures when consensus is not achieved
  • consideration of how effective and meaningful executive engagement from constituent boards within the NCA can be developed and maintained
  • any further actions that need to be taken in relation to the wider operations of the NCA, to ensure full engagement of its constituent Boards, as well as consideration of how best to incorporate the views of patients into its work

In undertaking this work the Chair met with affected patients to consider the impact on them.

The group published its final report in August 2019 and has now concluded.

Minutes and supporting papers from the group's nine meetings are in the Documents section at the bottom of this page. 


  • Aileen Keel (Chair), Scottish Government
  • Alan Rodger, Retired Former Medical Director, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre
  • David Dunlop, Scottish Government Clinical Advisor 
  • Grant Archibald, Chief Executive, NHS Tayside
  • Lorraine Cowie, NCA Manager NHS Grampian
  • Boyd Peters, Highland NHS Board (representing Chief Executive)
  • Aileen Muir, Lead Pharmacist for Governance NHS GG&C
  • James Mandor, SCAN Clinical lead
  • David Cameron (Deputy Chair), Clinical Director, Edinburgh University Cancer Centre 
  • Ian Rudd, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Highland
  • Laura McIver, Chief Pharmacist, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Amanda Croft, Chief Executive, NHS Grampian

Secretariat was lead by Marianne Barker, Scottish Government.

Members received no remuneration.