Coronavirus (COVID-19): PPE Strategy and Governance Board


The board:

  • is accountable for delivering the PPE Sustainability Strategy across all sectors in Scotland
  • is accountable to Scottish Minsters to provide assurance on the supply and demand of PPE
  • manages ministerial aspirations to have an indigenous supply of PPE


Membership and attendees:

  • Caroline Jack (Chair), Deputy Director, PPE Division, Scottish Government
  • Julie Welsh, Chief Executive, Scotland Excel
  • Gordon Beattie, Director of National Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities NHS National Services Scotland
  • David Leven, Head of High Value Manufacturing, Scottish Enterprise
  • Nick Ford, Director of Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate, Scottish Government
  • Richard McCallum, Director of Health Finance, Corporate Governance and Value Directorate, Scottish Government
  • Dermot Rhatigan, Deputy Director for Manufacturing and Industries, Scottish Government
  • Colin MacBean, Deputy Director of Enterprise and Innovation, Scottish Government
  • Chris Dunne, Head of Operations and Assurance Unit, Early Learning and Childcare, Scottish Government
  • Catriona Dalrymple, Directorate for Justice, Scottish Government

In attendance:

  • Alison Bell, Head of Cross-Cutting Policy Team, PPE Division, Scottish Government
  • Fiona Bennett, Head of Data Management, PPE Division, Scottish Government
  • Jayne Sledmore (Secretariat), Business Manager, PPE Division, Scottish Government


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