National Goose Management Review Group


We established the National Goose Management Review Group (NGMRG) in May 2000 to implement the national policy framework and to advise Scottish Ministers on goose management in Scotland.

The NGMRG is required to conduct a multi-disciplinary review of the national policy framework every five years, and to report its findings to ministers.

Its core objectives are to:

  • meet the UK's nature conservation obligations for geese, within the context of wider biodiversity objectives
  • minimise economic losses experienced by farmers and crofters caused by geese
  • maximise the value for money of public expenditure on geese management


  • Hugh Dignon – Scottish Government
  • Andy Douse – Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
  • Bill Dundas – Scottish Government
  • Martin Kennedy – National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS)
  • Patrick Krause – Scottish Crofting Federation
  • Andrew Midgely - NFUS
  • Karen Ramoo – Scottish Land and Estates
  • Claudia Rowse – SNH
  • Colin Shedden – British Association for Shooting and Conservation