National COVID-19 Cancer Treatment Response Group


This group has been absorbed by the National Cancer Recovery Group.

The group was established in March 2020 under the authority of the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeanne Freeman MSP to develop national clinical consensus on cancer treatments for all cancer types while the NHS is on an emergency footing, and during its following recovery phase 

The main purpose of the group is to: 

  • support cascading of SG expectations about cancer services
  • develop national clinical advice on changing practice
  • support development of communications to service, patients and public
  • develop an intelligence repository for known issues
  • co-ordinate with relevant UK-wide forums

There will be two groups working within the Cancer Treatment Response Group. The core 'executive' group will be made up of a small number of key representatives who will meet weekly and liaise between meetings and react swiftly to emerging issues. The wider main group will provide advice and input across a wider range of professions and geographies as well as supporting the dissemination the agreed guidance.

Representatives and experts may be invited to the core or main group on an ad hoc basis to provide advice on specific matters. 

All members will appoint deputy in the case they are unable to attend or input to ongoing work. 



SG Senior Medical Officer

Deputy Chair

SACT and UK Links

Scottish Government

Cancer Access

Cancer Access (Clinical Advisor)

Cancer Policy

National Services/MSNs Rep

NSD - National Medical Advisor

SACT Lead Rep

WoSCAN Regional SACT Group & National SACT Governance Group - Chair

RT Lead Rep

Clinical Director - Grampian

Nursing Rep

SEND/Scottish Cancer Lead Nurse Consultant

Network Clinical Leads Rep

SCAN Clinical Lead