Jury Research Advisory Group


Monitor general progress of the research

  • Provide a forum for collaborative issues resolution;

  • Keep policy and key stakeholders informed and provide an opportunity for them to discuss the research directly with the researchers;

  • provide a forum for researchers to explain the potential and the limits of the research;

  • Assist researchers by providing advice, contacts, introductions and access to data where relevant;

  • Advise, when appropriate, on technical (e.g. legal) aspects of the research;

  • Advise on the content and presentation of the research reports;

  • Provide feedback on interim and final reports (quality control);

  • Advise on an appropriate dissemination strategy.


  • Willie Cowan, Deputy Director Criminal Justice (Chair)
  • Lesley Bagha, Head of Criminal Justice Reform & Licensing Unit (Deputy Chair)

  • Catherine Bisset, Senior Researcher, Justice Analytical Services

  • Kay McCorquodale, SCTS

  • Sheriff Duff, Judicial Institute

  • Lord Turnbull

  • John Scullion QC, Faculty of Advocates

  • Anthony McGeehan, COPFS

  • Michael Walker, Law Society of Scotland

  • Lorraine Murray, Ipsos Mori (Research Director)

  • Rachel Ormston, Ipsos Mori (Research Manager)

  • Professor Fiona Leverick, University of Glasgow

  • Professor James Chambers, University of Glasgow

  • Professor Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick


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