Grouse Moor Management Group


The Grouse Moor Management Group was established in November 2017. It will examine the environmental impact of grouse moor management practices such as muirburn, the use of medicated grit and mountain hare culls, and advise on the option of licensing grouse shooting businesses.

The Group will consider other topics relevant to grouse moor management, referred to it by Government, or raised by the Chair.

Update 20 November 2019: The report of the Review Group on Grouse Moor Management has now been submitted to the Scottish Government.


  • Professor Alan Werritty (Chair)
  • Alexander Jameson
  • Professor Alison Hester
  • Professor Colin Reid
  • Professor Ian Newton
  • Mark Oddy

Specialist advisers

  • Dr. Adam Smith
  • Dr. Calum MacDonald
  • Professor Des Thompson
  • Susan Davies


  • Karen Rentoul