Food Commission

Role of the group

The Good Food Nation Scottish Food Commission was formed on 15 February 2015 to develop a work programme based on achieving the priorities set out in the Becoming a Good Food Nation discussion document and the consultation analysis report that followed.

In 2015 it selected indicators for realising the Good Food Nation vision. In February 2016 it published an interim report indicating the progress made on these indicators so far.

Its remit includes:

  • providing evidence-based advice on how to make Scotland a Good Food Nation, addressing the existing and potential future challenges facing Scotland's food culture
  • advocating the importance of good food to Scotland's health and wellbeing, environment and quality of life
  • establishing a mechanism for the Commission to foster local activity
  • reporting formally to the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity and through him to Cabinet

The Food Commission's role is advisory, not executive. It meets on a quarterly basis and will operate for a term of two to three years.

Meeting minutes prior to June 2016 can be found in the archive.


  • Co-Chair – Uel Morton
  • Co-Chair – Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE
  • Ally Dingwall
  • Caroline Mockford
  • David Croft
  • Donnie Maclean
  • Eleanor Cunningham
  • Gillian Kynoch
  • Jackie Brock
  • Jackie McCreery
  • Ken Mackenzie
  • Professor Peter Morgan
  • Pete Ritchie
  • Robin Gourlay