Environmental Standards Scotland


Environmental Standards Scotland (ESS) has now moved to: https://environmentalstandards.scot/

Environmental Standards Scotland (ESS)  is the new environmental governance body for Scotland. It was established on 1 October, 2021 under the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021, following a 9 month period of non-statutory operation. ESS occupies the environmental governance role, formerly played by European institutions. 


ESS is a non-ministerial office, operating independently from Scottish Ministers and accountable to Parliament. It was set up to replace the environmental governance role played by the European Commission and the Court of Justice. ESS’ role is to ensure that public authorities, including Scottish Government, comply with environmental law in the exercise of their regulatory functions, and to promote the effectiveness of environmental law and its implementation.

At its launch event on 1 October 2021, ESS launched its interim strategy. A  recording of the launch event and ESS’ interim strategy can be viewed on the ESS website.


  • Jim Martin (Chair)
  • Richard Dixon
  • Marie Fallon
  • Paul McAleavey
  • Annalisa Savaresi