NHSScotland and Integration Authorities consolidated financial reporting

Collection of reports on the financial performance of NHS Boards and Integration Authorities.


NHS Boards

These annual reports summarise the monthly financial position for NHSScotland for reporting years. The reports set out the year to date position and the forecast position for the year end. The information contained in the reports is a consolidation of the financial position as reported by all 22 NHS Boards. All NHS Boards report regularly and publicly on local financial performance. This information is available through individual NHS Board websites. 

‚ÄčIntegration Authorities

‚ÄčThese reports are produced and consolidated by Integration Authority Chief Financial Officers. The reports consolidates information already in the public domain as published by individual Integration Authorities. Financial reporting by Integration Authorities is aligned to their individual Board Meetings. These reports will be produced on a quarterly basis.


Health Finance Team

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