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Our Work

The Inspectorate's work and its role in advising Scottish Ministers is set out in our Business Plan. The Plan includes an outline description of our priorities and discusses how risk assessment is used to inform the work we do.  We review the Plan on an ongoing basis.

Our Business Plan sets out, in broad terms, our intended programme.  Separate Inspection outline documents, which describe the intended purpose and outcome of each piece of work are produced as part of our planning work.  We publish our Inspection outline documents as they become available. We also have a policy on the investigation of significant incidents.

We cooperate and coordinate our work with a small number of key partners. In particular, we have agreed Memoranda of Understanding with the Auditor General and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

Communication and User Involvement Strategy

The way in which we communicate and consult on plans and reports is set out in our Consultation and Feedback Protocol. The HMFSI User Involvement Strategy outlines the actions we will undertake during the lifetime of our Business Plan to comply with our duty of user focus.