Vaccines Strategy and Policy Directorate

What we do

  • support the development and delivery of a sustainable model of vaccination in Scotland
  • use immunisation through vaccination as a lever to narrow health inequalities and educate the public about their use and efficacy
  • improve healthy life expectancy for all through the prevention of infections and/or disease

We are responsible for:

  • providing policy advice on approach to trials, treatments and vaccine strategy to promote continuous development within vaccinations programmes
  • keeping up to date with scientific developments and guidance when developing and implementing policy
  • delivering seasonal flu vaccinations, ensuring there are sufficient doses available for the targeted population to receive vaccination, minimise harm and protect NHS services
  • developing policy on COVID-19 vaccines and ensuring appropriate delivery infrastructure is in place to aid national recovery and protect the most vulnerable
  • facilitating the management and mitigation of COVID-19 vaccine security risks and issues in line with the policy objectives and decisions from ministers
  • ensuring reliable and accurate health data is collected through robust data systems to support delivery of the vaccination programmes
  • continuously developing immunisation programmes to help reduce and/or eliminate cases of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • supporting the delivery of an effective, affordable and equitable vaccination programme in Scotland, in line with the seven delivery principles: person-centred, safe, effective, efficient, equitable, timely and local
  • ensuring we are open, connected kand mae a positive contribution internationally and nationally to address all potential widespread threats to public health
  • inspiring confidence through providing accurate, timeous and consistent information and correspondence to ministers and the public
  • ensuring Scotland’s vaccination programme is inclusive. We are committed to offering a vaccine to everyone in Scotland and addressing vaccine hesitancy to improve uptake

Who we are

Cabinet Secretary and Ministers


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