Shirley Rogers

Director, Organisational Readiness Directorate

Shirley Rogers

Shirley Rogers was appointed Director of Organisational Readiness in April 2020.


The Director of Organisational Readiness leads the Organisational Readiness Directorate which is responsible for supporting Ministers and the wider organisation to prepare for, respond to and recover from significant events. This involves tracking progress against government priorities and working widely with partners to manage and mitigate issues with a particular focus on concurrent risk. Alongside this, the directorchairs the EU Exit Oversight Board.


Shirley joined the Scottish Government in 2012. She was previously NHS Scotland’s Chief People Officer and the director with responsibility for Health Workforce, Leadership, Service Reform and EU Exit. In April 2020, she became the Director for Organisational Readiness, leading the work on a co-ordinated response to COVID-19, along with the preparation for withdrawal from the EU.

She began her career in central government in London, moving to the private sector and then the Police before joining NHS Scotland in 1996. She holds a BA (Hons), a master's degree in International Human Resource Management and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.