Organisational Readiness Directorate

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We provide strategic oversight to identify, assess, mitigate and report immediate and medium-term concurrent risks and cross-cutting activity across the Scottish Government. 

We are responsible for:

  • maintaining coherence and delivery progress across a portfolio of key programmes and projects across Scottish Government, including reporting against the First 100 Days commitments
  • undertaking the preparation work for the information governance aspects of the COVID-19 Public Inquiry
  • ensuring an effective and coordinated multi-agency response to major incidents and emergencies in Scotland, acting as stewards of civil contingencies arrangements
  • liaising across the Scottish and UK governments and appropriate external partners, including the CNI sector, to generate and maintain situational awareness of key risks and mitigation activities across Scotland and the UK
  • analytic functions relating to COVID and EU Exit, the production of base COVID modelling, operational modelling and policy modelling and scenario development for short, medium and long term

Who we are

Cabinet Secretary and Ministers


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