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Scottish Fisheries Working Papers

Title of PublicationAuthorDate
Galbraith, R.D. & Kynoch, R.J.01/01/1990
Main, J. & Sangster, G.I.01/01/1990
Sangster, G.I.; Main, J. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1990
Cook, R.; Bailey, N.; McKay, D.; Howell, T.; Fraser, D. & Thain, S.E.B.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G.; Saward, D. & Seaton, D.D.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G.; Francis, C.; Matthews, A.; Murison, D. & Robertson, M.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G. & Francis, C.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G. & Francis, C.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G.01/01/1990
Murison, D.J.; Moore, D.C.; Davies, J.M. & Gamble, J.C.01/01/1990
McHenery, J.G. & Francis, C.01/01/1990
Wells, D.E.; Robson, J.N. & Finlayson, D.M.01/01/1990
Main, J. & Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1990
Mowat, M.J.D. & Emslie, D.C.01/01/1990
Turrell, W.R.01/01/1990
MacLean, J.C.01/01/1990
Robertson, J.H.B. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1989
Kynoch, R.J.01/01/1989
Sangster, G.I.; Main, J. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1989
  • Genetic protein variation in farmed strains of Atlantic salmon in Scotland. (04/89) [no document available]
Youngson, A.F.; Martin, S.A.M.; Jordan, W.C. & Verspoor, E.01/01/1989
Bailey, S.K.; Owen, R. & Davies, I.M.01/01/1989
Ferro, R.S.T. & Leaver, I.D.01/01/1989
Pirie, J.M. and McKie, J.C.01/01/1989
Reeves, S.A.01/01/1989
Main, J. & Sangster, G.I.01/01/1989
Robertson, J.H.B. & Leaver, I.D.01/01/1989
Payne, R.; Turrell, W.R.; Moore, D.C. & Adams, R.D.01/01/1989
Hall, C.D.01/01/1989
Smith, G.W.01/01/1989
Clark, G.K. & Davies, I.M.01/01/1989
Reeves, S.A.01/01/1988
  • A progress report on an investigation to assess the scale damage and survival of young gadoid fish escaping from the cod-end of a demersal trawl. (03/88) [no document available]
Main, J. & Sangster, G.I.01/01/1988
Chi, Lu.01/01/1988
Chi, Lu.01/01/1988
  • The suspension of shellfish, mainly oysters and mussels, in cages in Scottish waters. The recent history, methods and materials, with particular reference to the procedures followed in the DAFS Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen. (06/88) [no document available]
Payne, R.01/01/1988
Main, J. & Sangster, G.I.01/01/1988
McKie, J.; Drinkwater, J.; Balls, P.W.; Bailey, S. & Davies, I.01/01/1988
Urquhart, G.G. & Hall, C.D.01/01/1988
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1988
Henderson, E.W.; Slessor, G. & Turrell, W.R.01/01/1988
Henderson, E.W.; Slessor, G. & Turrell, W.R.01/01/1988
Henderson, E.W.; Slessor, G. & Turrell, W.R.01/01/1988
Henderson, E.W.; Slessor, G. & Turrell, W.R.01/01/1988
  • A comparison of the engineering performance of diamond and square mesh Nephrops trawls. (01/87) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1987
Main, J.; Sangster, G.I. & Mojsiewicz, W.R.01/01/1987
Clark, G.01/01/1987
  • Notes on the normal and lognormal distribution. (04/87) [no document available]
Pope, J.A.; Shanks, A.M. & Hutton, J.C.01/01/1987
  • Scottish seine net selection data collected May-June 1986. (05/87) [no document available]
Coull, K.A.01/01/1987
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1987
Shanks, A.M.; Pope, J.A. & Edgar, S.M.01/01/1987
Cook, R.01/01/1987
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1987
  • A continuous headline whitefish divided trawl. Initial fishing trial. (10/87) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1987
Chi, Lu.01/01/1987
Robertson, J.H.B. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1987
Larrinaga, F.T.01/01/1987
  • Sound velocity and attenuation data for acoustic surveys. (14/87) [no document available]
Copland, P.J.01/01/1987
Kynoch, R.J.01/01/1987
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1986
Shearer, W.M; Dunkley, D.A. & MacLean, J.C.01/01/1986
Hawkins, A.D. & Smith, G.01/01/1986
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1986
Ferro, R.S.T. & Strange, E.S.01/01/1986
Coull, K.A. & Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1986
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1986
Shanks, A.M. & Hutton, J.C.01/01/1986
Robertson, J.H.B & Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1986
Smith, G.; Hawkins, A.D. & Johnstone, A.D.F.01/01/1986
Davies, I.M. & McKie, J.C.01/01/1986
Balls, P.W.01/01/1986
Davies, I.M.; Drinkwater, J. & McKie, J.C.01/01/1986
Davies, I.M.; Moore, D.C. & Bailey, S.K.01/01/1986
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1986
Bailey, S.K.01/01/1986
Robertson, J.H.B. & Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1986
Pope, J.A. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1985
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1985
Pope, J.A. & Shanks, A.M.01/01/1985
Polanski, J.R.01/01/1985
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1985
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1985
Hawkins, A.D.01/01/1985
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1985
Copland, P.J.01/01/1984
Urquhart, G.G. & Johnstone, A.D.F.01/01/1984
Ferro, R.S.T. & Cameron, V.01/01/1984
  • Full scale measurements of the geometry and loading of a four panel nylon pelagic trawl (PT163). (04/84) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T. & Hall, C.D.01/01/1984
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1984
Emslie, D.C.01/01/1984
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1984
Strange, E.S.01/01/1984
  • Measurement of the breaking strength of square and diamond mesh netting. (09/84) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B. & Polanski, J.01/01/1984
Shanks, A.M.01/01/1984
Ferro, R.S.T. & Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1984
Innes, I. & Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1983
Strange, E.S.01/01/1983
  • Square and diamond mesh cod-end selectivity on haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus (L.) using the alternate haul technique. (03/83) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1983
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1983
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1982
  • Square and hexagonal mesh cod-end design tests of FRV Goldseeker and commercial trial results with square mesh cod-ends on Gen, Janeen II and Harvest Reaper. (03/82) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1982
Zhou Yingi01/01/1982
Zhou Yingi01/01/1982
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1982
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1982
Craig, R.E.01/01/1982
Strange, E.S.01/01/1982
  • Trends in Scottish fishing methods. (11/82) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1982
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1982
  • Distribution of cryolite sludge in the inner Morray Firth as inferred from hydrographic measurements. (02/81) [no document available]
Dooley, H.D. & Slessor, G.01/01/1981
  • Trace element concentrations in fish and shellfish landed in Scottish ports 1975 - 76. (03/81) [no document available]
Davies, I.M.01/01/1981
  • Changes in the respiration and blood circulation of cod, Gadus morhua L., induced by hypoxia. (04/81) [no document available]
Johnstone, A.D.F. & Hawkins, A.D.01/01/1981
  • A technique for rapid perfusion of a marine teleost. (06/81) [no document available]
Hawkins, A.D.; Salem, S. & Robb, C.01/01/1981
  • Mesh shrinkage investigation. (07/81) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1981
  • The stock of salmon in the upper River Tummel. (08/81) [no document available]
Egglishaw, H.J.; Gardiner, W.G.; Shackley, P.E. & Struthers, G.01/01/1981
  • The target strength of cod at 38 kHz as a function of fish length. (09/81) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1981
  • Acoustic absorption and errors in TVG functions. (10/81) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1981
  • Fishing and high speed sampling trawl (PT 160) on FRV Scotia. (11/81) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1981
  • The specification of the dimensions of twisted wire or twine as a basis for selecting hydrodynamic force coefficients. (13/81) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1981
  • A study of the similarity conditions applicable to the modelling of fishing gear, using data obtained from four models of a Chinese pair trawl. (14/81) [no document available]
Hou Enhuai01/01/1981
  • Shrinkage tests on nylon and polyethylene fishing twines. (15/81) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1981
  • A preliminary investigation of the tilt angles of caged fish. (16/81) [no document available]
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1981
  • Design of a monitoring programme for mercury in fish and shellfish in relation to export certification. (05/81) [no document available]
  • Some design notes for semi pelagic and pelagic box trawls with small mesh bellies. (02/80) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1980
  • Integrator analogue display unit. (03/80) [no document available]
Dunn, W.I.01/01/1980
  • The depth and species dependence of the target strength of gadoids.(04/80) [no document available]
Dunn, W.I.01/01/1980
  • Further hydrodynamic force measurements on trawl warps. (05/80) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1980
  • The engineering performance of an 800 HP blue whiting trawl. (06/80) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T. & Simpson, R.M.01/01/1980
  • The Marine Laboratory echo integrator calibration technique. (07/80) [no document available]
Simmonds, E.J. & Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1980
  • The engineering performance and design of a new 600 HP semi pelagic trawl. (08/80) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.; Ferro, R.S.T. & Simpson, R.M.01/01/1980
  • Field experiments on the use of electrified barriers and bubble curtains. (09/80) [no document available]
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1980
  • Trawl gear asymmetry during vessel manoeuvres, trial methods and preliminary results. (10/80) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T. & Urquhart, G.G.01/01/1980
  • The engineering performance and design of a Jackson 330 Whitefield Bobbin Trawl. (11/80) [no document available]
Buchan, A.P. & Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1980
  • Some range dependent variations affecting acoustic fish stock estimations. (12/80) [no document available]
Simmonds, E.J. & Forbes, S.T.01/01/1980
  • A barge for the transport and storage of live fish. (13/80) [no document available]
Edwards, J.I.01/01/1980
  • A preliminary investigation of the target strength of herring. (14/80) [no document available]
Edwards, J.I.01/01/1980
  • Progress in target strength measurements on live gadoids. (15/80) [no document available]
Forbes, S.T.; Simmonds, E.J. & Edwards, J.I.01/01/1980
  • The Inverness Firth. (16/80) [no document available]
Martin, J.H.A.01/01/1980
  • A net drag formula for the Marine Laboratory design of semi pelagic trawl when towed on the seabed. (17/80) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1980
  • The rigging and operation of suberkrub doors for use with pelagic type trawls. (20/80) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1980
  • Multivariate analysis of variance. (22/80) [no document available]
Shanks, A.M.01/01/1980
  • Gill net and tangle net fishing - Scottish waters summary report al voyages. (23/80) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1980
  • The engineering performance and design of a Cosalt midwater trawl. (21/80) [no document available]
Downie, A.W. & Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1980
  • Robust regression methods. (01/79) [no document available]
Smith, G.L.; Michie, C. & Pope, J.A.01/01/1979
  • Mesh geometry and stress distribution equation for trawl nets. (02/79) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1979
  • The engineering performance and design of a new 200 HP semi pelagic trawl. (03/79) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1979
  • Scallop dredging gear investigations comparative fishing with experimental gear. (04/79) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1979
  • Report on pre-dumping conditions at St Abbs and Bell Rock sewage sludge dumping grounds. (05/79) [no document available]
Dooley, H.D.; Johnston, R. & Moore, D.C.01/01/1979
  • Performance tests on large four panel trawls and polyvalent doors. (06/79) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N. & Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1979
  • A sea surface temperature sensor for use on FRV Scotia (01/78) [no document available]
Henderson, E.W.01/01/1978
  • Scallop dredging preliminary performance data (02/78) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1978
  • The positive and negative binominal distribution (03/78) [no document available]
Michie, C.01/01/1978
  • The calculation of towing warp loads in the event of a gear fastener (04/78) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1978
  • Oceanography of Sullom Voe 1974, 1976. (05/78) [no document available]
Dooley, H.D. & Johnston, R.01/01/1978
  • Live fish cod-ends and fish conditions in relation to fish tagging experiments. (06/78) [no document available]
Gauld, J.A.01/01/1978
  • Performance trials of a 900 HP blue whiting trawl. (08/78) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1978
  • Single boat and pair trawl Rousay, Orkney 3 July - 12 July 1978. (09/78) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1978
  • The collection and analysis of data describing the engineering performance of fishing gear. Vol 1: instrumentation (01/77) [no document available]
Lee, E.W.01/01/1977
  • The collection and analysis of data describing the engineering performance of fishing gear. Vol 2: instrument accuracy and calibration (02/77) [no document available]
Reid, A.J.01/01/1977
  • The collection and analysis of data describing the engineering performance of fishing gear. Vol 3: a review of Saunders Roe load cells (03/77) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B. & Reid, A.J.01/01/1977
  • Pelagic 200 HO pair trials on MFV Crystal Tide and MFV Marina (04/77) [no document available]
Robertson, J.H.B.01/01/1977
  • Creel catches of crab (Cancer pagurus L.) using different baits (05/77) [no document available]
Chapman, C.J.; Smith, G.L.; Livingstone, K.L. and Kinnear, J.A.M.01/01/1977
  • Investigations carried out in 1976 on the oyster fishing in Loch Ryan (06/77) [no document available]
Mason, J.01/01/1977
  • Engineering performance parameters for three high opening demersal trawls (07/77) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T. & Lee, E.W.01/01/1977
  • Performance comparison of some floats and headline lifting devices for trawl gear (08/77) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1977
  • Pink shrimp behaviour and response to electric fields (09/77) [no document available]
G.M. Cameron01/01/1977
  • Fishing activities in the northern North Sea relevant to the safety of underwater pipelines (10/77) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N. & Strange, E.S.01/01/1977
  • Computer simulation program select (11/77) [no document available]
Steel, J.H.; Emslie, D.C. & Henderson, E.W.01/01/1977
  • Gear trials MV Maranatha 9-10 June 1977 (12/77) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1977
  • Inner Raasay Sound designed sea area study report (13/77) [no document available]
Moore, D.C. & Adams, J.A.01/01/1977
  • Design, development and field testing of a bubble curtain (14/77) [no document available]
Copland, P.J.01/01/1977
  • Underwater explosions and their consequences for fish (15/77) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1977
  • Shrinkage tests on high density polyethylene twine and netting (16/77) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1977
  • Robust estimators of location (17/77) [no document available]
Smith, G.L.; Michie, C. & Pope, J.A.01/01/1977
  • A computer program for processing oceanographic station data (01/76) [no document available]
Henderson, E.W.01/01/1976
  • Report on the noise trials of the pair trawlers Bracoden and Replenish (02/76) [no document available]
Urquhart, G.G. & Hawkins, A.D.01/01/1976