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Aquaculture Information Series

Title of PublicationAuthorDate
BonamiasisWood, B.P. & Fraser, D.I.01/01/1996
MarteiliasisWood, B.P.01/01/1996
DiplostomumMitchell, C.G.01/01/1996
Cold water vibriosis caused by Vibrio salmonicidaBruno, D.W.01/01/1996
NephrocalcinosisBruno, D.W.01/01/1996
EubothriumMitchell, C.G.01/01/1993
The calculation of various treatment dose rates in fish farmingBruno, D.W. & Munro, A.L.S.01/01/1991
Whirling diseaseBruno, D.W.01/01/1991
Enteric redmouth diseaseBruno, D.W.01/01/1990
Miscellaneous external abnormalities of farmed salmonidsBruno, D.W.01/01/1990
Fish vaccinationEllis, A.E.01/01/1989
Fungal infections of farmed salmon and troutBruno, D.W.01/01/1989
Fresh water and marine mussels and their effects upon farmed fishBruno, D.W.01/01/1989
Vibriosis of salmonids in ScotlandEllis, A.E.01/01/1989
Skin warts of Atlantic salmonSmail, D.A.01/01/1989
Fish kills by planktonic organismsSeaton, D.D.01/01/1989
Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN)Munro, A.L.S.01/01/1988
Furunculosis in farmed Atlantic salmon in ScotlandMunro, A.L.S.01/01/1988
Bacterial kidney diseaseBruno, D.W.01/01/1988