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All Projects Schedule

The Productive Seas Evidence Group is one of the four UKMMAS evidence groups established to provide information on the state and management of the marine environment.  Recent outputs from the group include contributions to  Charting Progress 2 and, in particular, the Productive Seas feeder report. The Group is chaired by Sam Anson from Marine Scotland and Membership of the group consists of: central government departments such as Defra, DECC and the Scottish Government; a range of NDPBs such as the MMO, SEPA and JNCC; industry representatives, including the British Marine Federation; and a number of other relevant parties. NGOs have been invited as observers with a view to becoming full members should they consider it useful.

The primary objective of PSEG is to collate information on the use and assessment of socio-economic data and how they are used in the decision making processes. From this assessment, and using gap analysis, PSEG has identified a work plan for socio-economic activity which will help to ensure that socio-economic information is properly considered in the planning and delivery of marine management by all relevant bodies. Recently, PSEG has taken on the task of developing socio-economic guidance specifically to assist the project approval process. This  is very important as socio-economic consideration is a legal aspect of licence determination in modern legislation and there is currently little objective guidance on how this should be addressed.

Over time, the responsibilities of PSEG will continue to enable the UK to determine whether the available scientific and commercial data provide a reasonable scientific basis for concluding that the UK seas are productive, i.e., we have sustainable development of the seas.

All Projects Schedule

The purpose of this document is to create a comprehensive record of socio-economic marine research that is being conducted under the banner of PSEG or by any of the individual partners from within the group. Such a record should have a number of benefits, including:

  • Greater internal awareness of the work being done across the UK and by whom
  • Greater awareness of the work being done under the PSEG umbrella by external stakeholders
  • Facilitation of knowledge exchange
  • Improved strategic overview of the marine socio-economic evidence base
  • Improved clarity as to outstanding gaps in the marine socio-economic evidence base
  • Improved efficiencies in the provision of the marine socio-economic evidence base

The document is the joint ownership of PSEG partners, with each responsible for the provision of information regarding projects for which they have lead responsibility. It will be updated on regular occasions to ensure that the information provided is as up to date as is practicably possible.

There are contact names against the majority of projects; please contact these individuals for further information of any project of interest. For general enquiries about the document, or the work of PSEG more generally, please feel free to contact marinescotland@gov.scot.

All Projects schedule

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