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Appropriate assessment

An Appropriate Assessment (AA) determines the potential significant effects of a project or plan on listed European species and habitats. Where a developer wishes to work in or near to a Natura 2000 site, or in an area recognised as an important marine area for marine species such as, seals and cetaceans, they are required to undertake an AA prior to gaining the relevant consents and licences for development.

Natura 2000 is the Europe-wide network of protected sites developed under the European Commission Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43/EEC) and the Birds Directive (79/409/EEC).

Marine Scotland will actively undertake AAs in relation to the issuing of licenses for renewable deployments in Scotland's seas. SNH, as the statutory nature conservation to Scottish Ministers, will provide advice on the AA's undertaken for marine renewable deployments.

Marine Scotland will also take a systematic approach to undertaking AA's for the development of offshore wind in Scotland's Seas. The following links provide information on:

  • MS's pre-screening report
  • MS's screening and scoping report
  • MS's Appropriate Assessment of Offshore Wind