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Questions from the Scottish Government

There are two categories of questions that the Scottish Government asks SCOS. The first comprises annual questions, which seek a general update on the information regularly provided by SCOS in previous years. The second comprises more specific questions, which relate to particular issues raised in the current year.

Annual Questions

  1. What are the latest estimates of the number of seals in Scottish waters?
  2. What is known about the population structure of grey and common (harbour) seals in European and Scottish waters? Is there any evidence of populations or sub-populations specific to local areas?
  3. What is the latest estimate of consumption of fish by seals in Scottish waters?
  4. Have there been any recent developments in relation to non-lethal methods of seal population control which mean that they could now effectively be applied to Scottish seal populations, where appropriate?

Specific Questions

These are set out in the latest SCOS advice, which is informed by formal advice provided by the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU - a NERC Collaborative Centre at the University of St Andrews) published here.