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Special Committee on Seals

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Special Committee on Seals

Terms of Reference

  • To undertake, on behalf of Council, the provision of scientific advice to the Scottish Government and the Home Office on questions relating to the status of grey and common seals in British waters and to their management, as required under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 (Consequential Provisions) Order 2010 for Scotland and under the Conservation of Seals Act 1970 for England and Wales.
  • To comment on SMRU's core strategic research programme and other commissioned research, and to provide a wider perspective on scientific issues of importance, with respect to the provision of advice under Term of Reference 1.
  • To report to Council through the NERC Chief Executive.

Current membership

Professor Marc Mangel (Chair), University of California, Santa Cruz

Professor I.L. Boyd, University of St Andrews;

Dr J. Armstrong, Marine Scotland Science (previously Fisheries Research Services)

Dr J. Greenwood, CREEM, University of St Andrews;

Dr G. Engelhardt, CEFAS, Lowestoft;

Professor J. Pemberton, University of Edinburgh;

Dr A. Bjorge, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway;

Professor D. Bowen, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada;

Dr S. Reid (Secretary), NERC, Swindon