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Fleet Resilience Grant Scheme

The Scottish Government's Fleet Resilience Grant Scheme launched on the 6th August 2010, aiming to address the situation in which the need to pay for the disposal or on-going maintenance of the donor vessel meant that owners would not be in a sufficiently strong financial position to utilise the Licence Parking arrangements.

Owners of Licence Parking donor vessels, or those who would go forward with Licence Parking subject to the award of a grant, were invited to make a competitive bid of up to 100% of the hull and machinery insurance value, capped at £250,000, by 6 September 2010.

A total fund of £8m (including Scottish Government and EFF funding) was set aside to support this policy.

53 eligible bids were received with awards made to 41 vessels and 12 vessels placed on the reserve list. as vessels who were originally offered an award withdrew from the scheme it was possible to make an award to those vessels on the reserve list.

In total 38 vessels (from a total fleet size of 2,174 vessels in 2009) with 11,788kW (from a total fleet power of 336,806kw in 2009) and 3,960GT (from a total fleet tonnage of 119,459GT in 2009) completed the process and were scrapped, 12 vessels withdrew from the process and the awards to 3 vessels were timed out as they failed to complete the process by 31 March 2011.

A complete list of the vessel who applied for the scheme can be found here.