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Cora Moffat

Mini A.R.I.E.SI  studied for  a master’s degree in Product Design Engineering, at the Glasgow school of art.

My final Year Degree Project was to develop mini A.R.I.E.S. (Auto Recording Instrumented Sampler) a compact robust plankton sampler. The design follows on from John Dunn’s world-class plankton sampler A.R.I.E.S. which weighs in at three quarters of a ton and costs about three quarters of a million pounds.

My sampler which is about the size of a biscuit box, will initially be housed in a  Utow body (a commercially available towed body which can fit into the back of a small van) and will utilize design features from A.R.I.E.S. whilst incorporating innovative new ideas.

Mini A.R.I.E.S. could travel at 10 knots and take up to 100 individual plankton samples at selected depths down to 1000m. There is  space in the Utow to allow other sampling equipment to be fitted  for different research trips. The design is user centered and aims to make plankton sampling a quick and easy task.

John Dunn at Marine Scotland Science put the project to the Glasgow School of Art after a successful project completed the year previously with a former final year Product Design Engineering Student Deborah McGill.

I have visited the lab in Aberdeen and research vessel Scotia as she was preparing to leave on a monitoring trip in Dec in the Faroe/Shetland channel using two full size ARIES samplers.

Working with marine Scotland and John has been invaluable to the project. Allowing first hand experience with users, which would have been difficult to come by any other way. John’s patience, enthusiasm, guidance and expertise have allowed the project to progress with a pace that it couldn’t have done otherwise.

It is rewarding to follow in Deborah’s footsteps and enhance connections between the two institutions.

I asked permission to enter the project in some design competitions and I was lucky enough to be awarded a James Dyson Foundation Product Design Engineering award of six hundred pounds , which will greatly assisted mini ARIES becoming a reality.

I am excited to graduate from PDE with a first into the wider world and looking forward to keeping in touch with the PDE community as we all move on. My immediate plans are to go and work at Jaguar Land Rover and then afterwards develop my career as a product design engineer.

Cora Moffat, Glasgow

Mini A.R.I.E.S Information

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