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Marketing, Sale, Transport, Traceability & Labelling

Registration of Buyers and Sellers

The Registration of Buyers and Sellers (RBS) Scheme has been fully operational in Scotland since 2005. The legislation requires that all buyers and sellers of first sale fish are registered and that all auction sites of first sale fish and shellfish are designated.

Once registered, buyers and sellers are able to buy and/or sell first sale fish, and shellfish must comply with the rules on the provision of sales notes.

Registration and designation is free and application forms and explanatory leaflets are available on the RBS pages.

Traceability & Labelling

Food Standards Scotland, Marine Scotland and Seafish have produced guidance on traceability and labelling, together with an example template (below) designed to help the fishing industry comply with EU regulations that seek to ensure traceability information on catches of fish are made available up to the first point of sale. A full technical guide was also produced.

Traceability & Labelling Guidance

Downloadable documents:

Title:Marketing, Sale, Transport, Traceability & Labelling
Description:Marketing, Sale, Transport, Traceability & Labelling
File:Example template of traceability information [PDF, 66.4 kb: 20 Apr 2017]
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File:Traceability and Consumer Information for Fish Landed in Scotland: Reminder Note [PDF, 51.1 kb: 31 May 2017]
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File:Traceability CMO market guide (version 9) [DOCX, 76.3 kb: 13 Mar 2018]
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