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Please note, this footage has now been archived but can be found on the Web Archive that is held by National Archives Scotland.

Scottish Fisheries Information Pamphlets


Title of Publication Author Date
Galbraith, R.D. & Rice, A. after Strange, E.S. 04/10/2005
Walker, A.F. 30/01/2004
Walker, A. F. 29/01/2004
FRS 01/01/2003
Shand, C.W. & Priestly, R. 01/03/1999
SOAFD Marine Laboratory 01/01/1996
Robertson, J.H.B. 01/01/1993
Rees, H.L.; Moore, D.C.; Pearson, T.H.; Elliot, M.; Service, M.; Pomfret, J. & Johnson, D. 01/01/1991
Sangster, G.I. 01/01/1991
Galbraith, R.D. & Main, J. 01/01/1989
Watt, R.A. 01/01/1989
Kunzlik, P.A. 01/01/1988
Morrison, B.R.S. 01/01/1988
Drinkwater, J. 01/01/1987
Robertson, J.H.B. 01/01/1986
Ferro, R.S.T. & Ritchie, B.J. 01/01/1984
Egglishaw, H.J.; Gardiner, W.R.; Shackley, P.E. & Struthers, G. 01/01/1984
Strange, E.S. 01/01/1984
Galbraith, R.D. 01/01/1983
Galbraith, R.D. 01/01/1983
Howard, F.G. 01/01/1982
Johnstone, A.D.F. & Hawkins, A.D. 01/01/1981
Mason, J. & Drinkwater, J. 01/01/1981
Ferro, R.S.T. 01/01/1981
Ferro, R.S.T. 01/01/1981
Strange, E.S. 01/01/1978