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Offshore Renewables Energy Licensing Group (ORELG)

The Offshore Renewables Energy Licensing Group (ORELG) was established in 2010 to address the strategic regulatory challenges associated with the consenting of offshore renewable energy projects. ORELG members come from government organisations, industy and non-governmental bodies and the group aims to provide a forum for regulators, advisers and stakeholders to discuss key consenting issues.

A key objective of ORELG is to identify key issues, encourage knowledge-transfer and share best practice approaches to reduce uncertainty in the consenting process.

ORELG Seminar - 4th & 5th February 2016

Cumulative effects and Mitigation measures Suzanne Lubbe (Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat)
Cumulative effects assessment working group Philip Stamp (Defra)
Danish consenting regime - from a developer's perspective Birte Hansen (DONG Energy)
EWEA Task Force Regulatory Practices Andrew Ho (EWEA)
Thomas Merck
(German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation)
Adrian Judd (Cefas)
Navigation Safety and Search Rescue Nick Salter & Peter Lowson (MCA)
ORJIP Offshore Wind overview Jess Campbell & Rhodri James (ORJIP)
ORJIP presentation Joseph Kidd (ORJIP)
Post-Consent Monitoring for Marine Renewables in Scotland Jared Wilson (Marine Scotland)
Wave and Tidal Demo zones workshop July 2015 Rosie Kelly (The Crown Estate)
The RSPB and offshore renewables - Past and future perspectives Aly McCluskie (RSPB)

ORELG Seminar - 18th & 19th June 2015

ORELG Seminar Report June 2015  
Marine Mammals - Frameworks, existing evidence and evidence needs Kate Brookes (Marine Scotland)
Seabirds - Collision Risks - Acceptable Change Jared Wilson (Marine Scotland)
ORJIP – The industry collaboration aiming to address key offshore wind consenting issues Emilie Reeve (ORJIP)
Tidal Lagoons - Overview and case-study for Cumbria Tidal Lagoon Tim Carter (Tidal Lagoon Power)
Cross Border Impacts Bruce Buchanan (Marine Scotland)
Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCGA) Search & Rescue (SAR)Topic (wave, wind and tidal) & Decommissioning Roger May (Marine Scotland)
PD6900:2015; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for offshore renewable energy projects Greg Tomlinson (MMO)
Wave Energy Scotland (WES) James McKie (Marine Scotland)
Seven Wonders of SpORRAn (Scottish Offshore Renewables Research Framework) Lucy Law (Marine Scotland)
Post-Consent Management - Marine Scotland Danny Pendrey & Paul Smith (Marine Scotland)
Post-Consent Monitoring - Marine Management Organisation Ross Hodson (MMO)
Regional Monitoring in the Marine Aggregates Industry Mark Russell (British Marine Aggregate Producer Association)