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Weekly Licence Variations: w/b 29 September 2017

Notice to Vessel Owners/Masters/Charterers/Nominees

The information contained on this web page constitutes a Notice in accordance with Article 3(2)(c)(ii) of The Sea Fishing (Licences and Notices) (Scotland) Regulations 2011, and has the effect of varying the authority and conditions of all licences previously issued by the Scottish Ministers to vessels in membership of the groups indicated.

This means that a relevant entry on this web page may remove or alter any authority a licence recipient may have had to fish for the stocks listed in that relevant entry. Where the authority to fish for a particular species has been removed through this web page, it will be an offence to retain on board, land or trans-ship any quantity of that species of sea fish.

Non-compliance will be subject to enforcement action.

Weekly Licence Variations

Friday 29 September 2017

Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group
Areas of Sea
Effective Date
10m & Under Non-PO
Change to Limit
IIIa & IV; EU Waters of IIa, IIIbc
500 kgs per month
0001 hours on 01/10/2017
Producer Organisation/Non-Producer Organisation Group
Amendment of Licence Conditions Text
Effective Date
ALL Over 15m vessels in ALL Over 10m Producer Organisations and Non-Sector Groups
Amendment of existing paragraph to indicate the early re-opening of the Baie de Seine area to scallop fishing at 0001 hours on 01 October 2017:
6.6     No scallop fishing activity should take place in the Baie de Seine waters of Area VIId, defined as the French waters south of parallel 49º42' North (the line known as the 'Barfleur-Antifer') and the coast of France within ICES Area VIId, between 0001 hours on 01 August 2017 and 0000 hours on 01 October 2017.
No scallop fishing activity should take place in the North Finistere area defined by sequentially joining the following co-ordinates from 0001 hours on 01 August 2017 to 0000 hours on 01 October 2017:
48°54.6'N 05°00.0'W
49°22.8'N 04°03.0'W
49°22.2'N 03°44.4'W
49°24.0'N 03°37.2'W
49°06.6'N 03°13.2'W
49°06.0'N 03°23.4'W
49°04.8'N 03°37.2'W
49°00.0'N 03°57.0'W
49°01.2'N 03°57.6'W
48°41.4'N 04°24.0'W
48°40.8'N 04°33.0'W
48°39.6'N 04°34.8'W
48°39.6'N 04°44.4'W
48°36.0'N 04°49.8'W
48°52.8'N 04°52.8'W
48°49.2'N 04°59.4'W  
No scallop fishing activity should take place in a 1 nautical mile buffer north of North Finistere from 0001 hours on 01 August 2017 to 0000 hours on 01 October 2017. This is defined by sequentially joining the following co-ordinates:
48°55.8'N 05°00.0'W
49°23.4'N 04°03.0'W
49°23.4'N 03°44.4'W
49°24.6'N 03°36.6'W
49°07.2'N 03°12.6'W
0001 hours on 01/10/2017

2017 Closures Table:- showing the current status of fishing stocks following the issue and publication of the above variations (if any).

2017 Quota Limits Tables:- showing the quota limits applicable to both 10m and Under Non-PO and Over 10m Non-Sector vessels. Please note: these tables are for information only and you should always refer to your licence and the variations thereof in the first instance.


Exercise Joint Warrior (Submarine, Mine Warfare & Live Firing Training Activity):- Exercise Joint Warrior 172 (JW172), delivered by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff from Faslane, will take place between 1-12 October 2017. JW172 is a programme of exercises conducted across the UK by land forces, warships, submarines and aircraft from 14 nations. More information is available here.


‘Economic Link’ Licence Condition Consultation Launched:- the Scottish Government has launched a consultation seeking views on proposed amendments to the ‘Economic Link’ licence condition in the over 10 metre fishing vessel licence. The consultation will run until 31 October 2017. More information is available here.