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Unannounced Site Inspections

There is a statutory requirement for the inspectorate to carry out unannounced inspections under the EC Directive 2006/88/EC, EC Regulation 882/2004 and The Aquatic Animal Health (Scotland) Regulations 2009. Industry stakeholders also requested unannounced inspections be undertaken by the inspectorate through the consultation process of the Healthier Fish Working Group in 2010.

The majority of inspections carried out by the inspectorate will continue to be pre-arranged but fish farmers must be aware of the legislative requirement and drive from industry to carry out these unannounced visits. Farm staff should therefore ensure records are kept up-to-date and ready for inspection without prior notice. Assistance should be given to inspectors during these visits to enable them to carry out their work.

Inspectors will require access to inspect all the facilities on the site as well as checking the mortality records, movement records, transport records, medicines records, the site Bio-Security Measures Plan, the results of animal health surveillance carried out by (or on behalf of) the business, collect details of the stocks on site and checking that the registration/authorisations details held by Marine Scotland are correct.

These inspections cannot be carried out without the co-operation of site staff and your assistance in the completion of the programme of unannounced inspections is greatly appreciated.