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Record Keeping and Disease Prevention

It is an offence under Regulation 19 of the 2009 Regulations, to transport any aquaculture animal in a manner which does not fulfil any of the following requirements:

(a) the duration to be kept as short as reasonably possible

(b) the means of transport must be cleaned and disinfected before dispatch

(c) if the animal is transported overland in water -

i. it must be transported in such a way that the water cannot escape from the means of transport; and

ii. any water exchange is carried out only at a water station which the competent authority has approved

(d) the conditions of transport must minimise the risk of spreading disease to -

i. the animal being transported

ii. any aquatic animal at any place of transit

iii. any aquatic animal at the place of destination

It is an offence under Regulation 20 of the 2009 Regulations, for a person who transports any aquaculture animal to fail to keep a record of any of the following information-

i. the number of animals that die in the course of transport

ii. all farm sites, fisheries and processing establishments which are visited in the course of the transport

iii. any water exchange in the course of the transport

iv. the source of any water introduced into the means of transport

v. the location at which any water from the means of transport is discharged

The records under this condition must be retained by the operator of the STB or APB for a period of four years from the date of the last entry under (i) - (v), as the case may be, above. The record may be in the format specified or such other format as the STB or APB determines.

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